Creating a Phone Case Insert with Washi Tape

by Kathleen Warr

Have you ever wanted to change the look of your phone? Here is a quick and easy craft to make that happen!

  1. Gather supplies: you will need washi tape, piece of white paper (preferably cardstock), scissors, a clear phone case, and a pencil.
  2. Make your Template: lay your phone case over the piece of paper and trace it. Once traced cut out the template.
  3. Double Check: Check your template and cut out any necessary extra paper (don't forget to make sure there is the hole for the camera).
  4. Lay out your Washi: Tape out your washi tape in whatever direction or pattern you like. Have fun with this part!
  5. Cut Extra: Gently pry the piece of paper off your surface and turn over. Cut off the extra washi that is hanging over the edges.
  6. Finishing Touch: Put the paper you just cut and covered in your phone case, add your phone and enjoy!


Such a quick and easy craft that you can change out the look as often as you like! Change for the holidays, months, or shows you are seeing! Let me know if you tried this and enjoyed this craft!