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    Cute stickers that involve remembering yourself. From spa appointments to reading that book these stickers come in your option of skin/hair color! Perfect for any planner, calendar, or packaging!
    12 products
    reading planner sticker sheet with a girl sitting on an orange comfy arm chair while legs are propped over the arm, she is wearing a light green top with white polka dots and green and yellow plaid shorts and holding a purple book.
    Reading a Book Sticker Sheet
    planner sticker sheet of a girl wearing a blue and white stripped shirt, sitting at a desk looking at her planner that has stickers on it and the table
    Planning Sticker Sheet
    Cute bath sticker sheet sized for your planner with a girl in a blue claw foot tub with lots of bubbles and girl is blowing bubbles through a small bubble wand.
    Bath Time Sticker Sheet
    Cute girl mixed Easter sticker planner sheet. She is in 3 poses - one holding a rabbit while wearing a blue shirt, one holding an Easter basket while wearing her best and bunny ears, the third one she is wearing a blue shirt and purple skirt holding bunny shaped balloons.
    Easter Mixed Sticker Sheet
    cute girl drinking coffee planner sticker. She is holding a very large coffee cup that says coffee in black script. She is wearing a purple top, grey belt, and blue skirt. Her hair is down and her eyes are closed.
    Coffee Sticker Sheet
    Cute girl blow drying her hair planner sticker. She is wearing an orange robe and slippers, and holding a hair dryer and curling brush.
    Hair Style Beauty Sticker Sheet
    Cute girl sitting in a large coffee cup planner sticker. She is wearing a pink shirt and blue pants and holding a coffee cup.
    Large Coffee Cup Bath Sticker Sheet
    Cute Planner girl doll is wearing a purple dress, black hair, and holding a pink planner with blue hearts
    Planner Girl Sticker Sheet
    Cute Planner girl doll with purple dress, brown hair, and pink planner with blue hearts key chain with a rose gold heart clasp.
    Planner Girl Cute Acrylic Key Chain
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    cute paint girl planner sticker sheet holding a paint pallet and paint brush, she is wearing tan shoes, jeans, light blue top, orange shawl that has fallen off her shoulder and green scarf around her neck, her braided hair falls over her shoulder and she has a tan cap on her head.
    Painter Planner Sticker Sheet
    cute planner stickers of a girl with a green face mask on and a pink towel around her head and wearing a blue robe.
    Facial Time Planner Sticker Sheet
    Cute girl planner sticker sheet with her holding her pink wine, sitting on a grey chair wearing a light blue robe, her feet are in a orange bucket filled with bubbles, and she has a purple bow tied around her hair.
    Spa Time Sticker Sheet

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